Adjustments and repairs


Life is a wonderful journey that's constantly changing and therefor you can also change and adjust your gftd. jewelry. Is there a new member in the family, do you have a new pet, or did you lose a loved one?
You can always have your bracelet or necklace adjusted and have letters, words and symbols added, changed or replaced. The prices for this depends on what you desire. Send us an email with your wishes and we are happy to help you.
  • Gold plating: Do you have a gold plated jewel and do you notice that the layer of yellow gold or rose gold wears out? We can gild your gem again. The cost of gilding depends on the jewel. 
  • Pieces: If you gftd. gem breaks under normal use within two years of purchase, we will fix it for you. Depending on what exactly is broken, this can be done for free. In the other case, we look at how we can best restore your gem and at what cost. If you agree with the costs, we will gladly repair it for you. The big advantage is that we have our own workshop with a certified goldsmith. If you have a gold plated jewel, both rose gold and yellow gold, then a repair comes at an extra cost for the new gold plating. The price depends on the jewel. (between 30 and 40 euros)